The Vintage Years 

Published: March, 2013 by Aziri Books

Only recently have neuropsychologists and other scientists confirmed that age sixty and beyond may be the best time in life to take up an art form like writing, playing a musical instrument or a visual art like painting, sculpting or ceramics. Not only does the brain continue to grow new connections and become more efficient but wisdom amassed over the years enhances the expression of art. Add to that increased focus made possible by lifestyle changes and you have the ingredients for more satisfying, meaningful and creative Vintage Years. This fun-to-read book inspires, entertains and provides strategies to shape a vibrant future.

Readers will:

  • learn how expressing an art form maximizes brain robustness and general health
  • find out why The Vintage Years are the best time in life to explore the arts
  • identify life options that enhance the senior years with passion and new interests 
  • meet more than twenty extraordinary women and men whose stories highlight their artists' journey—beginning in their senior years

This book is available to the trade from Baker & Taylor (wholesaler),  and for individual readers from your local bookstore, online sellers or Aziri Books. To order a book from Aziri Books please call 650-468-1517. 

The eBook version is now available (May 2014) on all eBook platforms from eBook sellers. The Vintage Years eBook includes additional in-depth interviews, new research findings, and a chapter on singing, dancing and senior theater. It also includes a "Call to Action" section that provides a way to think about the reader’s journey by cueing their memory and preferred everyday behaviors through a series of questions to serve as a guide and help create some strategies that lead to action. 

© Francine Toder 2013